Thursday, September 10, 2015


Red flags....they are used as in real life as warnings of something very serious that we need to avoid....on beaches, for instance, tells us to avoid getting in the water.. The red flags of narcissism warn us not to get in over our heads and drown in abuse.

Narc speak is a huge red flag that says, “Brainwashing ahead.” The object is to confuse, control, and manipulate us, but when looked at closely, narcissists make the weirdest statements that leave us saying, “WHAAAAT?” He's some more examples:

HE SAYS: I'm taking care of myself, ya know?
HE MEANS: It's all about me, and I'm sure not going to take care of YOU. And, BTW, your job is to take care of me too, and if you don't, I'll find another victim.

HE SAYS: You ALWAYS make everything about YOU.
HE MEANS: Hey, babe, wise's ALWAYS about me, and don't you forget it.

HE SAYS: Are you wearing THAT to bed?
HE MEANS: You need to look like the women in my porn, or a hooker or a stripper. If you look like a normal woman....well, THAT sure doesn't turn me on.

HE SAYS: What do you think are my best qualities?
HE MEANS: Hey, feed my ego....gimme some supply....I can't stand it if someone isn't adoring me.

HE SAYS: You're a selfish bitch....think of the children!
HE MEANS: Ha! The whole point of having children is to TRAP you so you tolerate anything....besides, children let me give you the perfect guilt trip!

HE SAYS: If I didn't tell you what to do, you'd be clueless.
HE MEANS: I've got you so walking on egg shells that you have to get my permission to do anything, which is cool because it means I have total control over you.

HE SAYS: Get a frickin' life!
HE MEANS: Your life doesn't include questioning anything I say or do. Besides, the life you need to get is to be focused entirely on ME and what I want.

HE SAYS: Honey, it was such a mistake to leave. You know you're the only woman for me, and I mean FOREVER.
HE MEANS: The thing I had with the new supply isn't working like I know, the one I cheated with. So, I'm going to hoover you to use you in the mean time while I look for somebody else.

HE SAYS: Honey, since we broke up, I miss you. Could we just talk?
HE MEANS: I gotta keep this harem thing goin', so how about a booty call?

HE SAYS: If I can't have you, no one can.
HE MEANS: You're not going to EVER escape my control...NEVER. Not that I really love you or anything, because I only love ME. You're really a POSSESSION, not a person. Here's how it works: I can discard YOU, but you can't ever discard me.

HE SAYS: You're NOTHING. I can find another one like you any're a dime a dozen.
HE MEANS: Women are all interchangeable to me and if you lose your usefulness to me, you'll get discarded. Besides, I've got several more women on the line right now, so losing you means nothing because YOU mean nothing to me. One piece is like're nothing special.

HE SAYS: Let's face're not loving and affectionate anymore.
HE MEANS: You're beginning to see me as I really am, so stop it! Bow down and worship my perfection and do whatever I command because obedience and submission are love to me.

HE SAYS: You already know the answer to that.
HE MEANS: I won't be trapped into admitting the truth, so it will be a cold day in hell before I answer that question.

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  1. My ex actually said five of the "He says" verbatim while I was married to him....WOW....